We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions, while setting the record straight on important topics. Check back frequently for updates.

Project Purpose

1a. What is the purpose of the OBUC project?

1b. Why are you undertaking this project now?

1c. How will the project benefit the community?


2a. How much money is OBUC looking to make from this project?

2b. There are community concerns that this project isn’t financially viable and that mismanagement could result in debt of $150K per congregation member. Is this true?

2c. Is it true that OBUC is far down the planning road, having already completed extensive financial modelling and design concepts?

2d. Is OBUC just looking to turn a quick profit?

2e. Why doesn’t OBUC subdivide and sell the lots for single family homes and invest the profits?

2f. Why not just leverage the revenues from the Thrift Shop activities?

2g. How much will rents be?

2h. Did the project get $500,000 of taxpayer money to run a PR campaign to influence the outcome?

2i. Did the United Church BC Conference Property Resource Team decline to fund a development feasibility study, finding the project unlikely to be successful based on zoning and density?

Affordable Housing

3a. Why housing?

3b. What is affordable housing?

3c. Who typically lives in affordable housing units?

3d. How is affordable housing different from social housing?

3e. Why is affordable housing so important to a community?

OBUC Affordable Housing Density

4a. We’ve read that the OBUC proposed affordable housing building will be the most dense apartment in Oak Bay, is this true?

4b. What about increased traffic and congestion resulting from this new building?

4c. What about the strain on public infrastructure?

Density 101

5a. What is density?

5b. How is density used in urban planning?

5c. How does density relate to urban sustainability?

5d. Why are some people opposed to density?

Public Consultation

6a. What are you doing to ensure adequate public consultation and community engagement?

6b. OBUC’s neighbours feel you are not listening to their concerns and issues, instead doing what you want. Is this true?

6c. If this project is a blank sheet of paper, why have you landed on affordable rental housing so quickly?

6d. What consultations have you undertaken to-date?        

6e. What themes have emerged from your consultation to-date?

6f. What are your next steps with respect to consultation?


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