4a. We’ve read that the OBUC proposed affordable housing building will be the most dense apartment in Oak Bay, is this true?

This information is both misleading and incorrect.

The District of Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan stipulates (see OCP p63) that density is calculated by dividing the total gross building area by the site area, known as the FSR or Floor Space Ratio. Inaccurate calculations used units/acre, which is not used in Oak Bay or surrounding municipalities, because it distorts comparisons where there are a range of unit sizes and occupancy ratios. The OCP mandates FSR to calculate density, not units/acre.

The church’s site totals 56,000 sq. ft. Current OBUC scenario ranges suggest the likely density will be similar to buildings built in Oak Bay approximately 50 years ago, as shown in the table below, and less than comparable recent approvals. The building is expected to be a similar height to nearby buildings and parking will be underground to address neighbours’ concerns, creating better setbacks to improve appearance and reduce building mass. Density will thus be less apparent than with some other buildings.

OB - density table

See Oak Bay OCP: https://www.oakbay.ca/sites/default/files/ocp/2014/OakBay-OCP-Final-Website-dec0414.pdf, page 63, which includes a partial FSR comparison table.