6c. If this project is a blank sheet of paper, why have you landed on affordable rental housing so quickly?

We do not have a blank piece of paper for planning:  there are existing buildings, trees, greenspaces and access points to be considered, as well as issues such as providing (expensive) underground parking and addressing traffic needs, all while ensuring the project is viable.

OBUC is seeking to deliver low income housing rather than see the land developed for full market uses as this approach is most compatible with our ministry in Oak Bay. We’ve considered many approaches to addressing our financial challenges and this direction meets our long-term requirement for viability while best reflecting our values and commitment to Oak Bay. (You can read more about the options we considered here.)

Further, it supports the District of Oak Bay in meeting its Official Community Plan (OCP) commitments and aligns to Capital Regional District’s and the Province of BC’s goals and commitments.