Project Purpose FAQs

January 25, 2018

What is the purpose of the OBUC project?

OBUC is pursuing a rental housing development aimed at helping those in our community on low or fixed incomes so the church can continue to positively contribute to the Oak Bay community, for years to come.

For over 100 years, OBUC has been a supportive and nurturing presence in the Oak Bay Community. We have invested heavily in providing facilities and services that are used not just by congregational members, but by members of the larger community.. As a congregation, however, we are at a time when we need to reconfigure our resources in a sustainable way to continue to provide services to the community.

Why are you undertaking this project now?

While OBUC’s congregation is growing, many of our facilities need work, such as Gardiner Hall that is seismically unsafe. If we do not make changes, maintenance costs will increasingly burden the church and reduce the many programs we provide to our community. Increasing maintenance costs are a challenge facing many social service organizations across Canada as the many buildings build in the post World War II era reach the end of their useful life.

Developing  affordable housing will provide a critically needed community service, while providing OBUC with the needed revenues to maintain existing facilities and continue its community programming.

How will the project benefit the community?

This project will provide much needed affordable housing to individuals with low or fixed incomes, many of whom are likely to be seniors. The ability to age in place is supported in the District of Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan.

The project will also allow OBUC to continue its service to the Oak Bay community, while also improving its programming such as a community kitchen, seniors drop-in centre, or other support services.

The value of OBUC’s current community-based service delivery is estimated at +/- $2.5 million (Halo Project Calculator, McMaster University). This is based on OBUC’s 2016 tax returns, adjusted for excluded items normally included.