Share the OBUC web link with your Oak Bay neighbours, family, friends and colleagues via e-mail, as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter). Encourage your neighbours, family and friends to sign-up for regular updates.

Voice your Support

Write Mayor and Council about the project to share why you support the project, what the community benefits are and how it will address our growing needs for affordable housing.

Oak Bay Municipal Hall    
2167 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria BC, V8R 1G2

Write letters to the editor in support of the project. Keep your letters short, focus on why you support the project (community, social benefits and other).

Oak Bay News                     

Times Colonist Newspaper

Voice your support for the project on social media and respectfully respond to others posting misinformation regarding the project.


Volunteer to host a coffee party with your neighbours and friends so they can learn more about the project. You provide the venue and someone from our team will present and address questions regarding the project. Contact with your date.

Participate in our ongoing consultation sessions and provide feedback on the project by writing us at

We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions, while setting the record straight on important topics. Check back frequently for updates.

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