Technical Studies

The project team undertook several technical studies to aid in the the design of the project. They were submitted as part of our application with the District of Oak Bay. Below is a brief summary of findings as well as a link to the corresponding study.

Traffic The study finds that the project area’s main traffic impacts are the result of vehicles bypassing Oak Bay Ave. The OBUC project is not expected to be a factor in adding traffic to the area due to low vehicle ratios for affordable housing, space for bicycles and proximity of public transportation. OBUC Traffic Study

Based on the analysis of each proposed land use, engineers recommend 112-115 parking stalls to accommodate residents (plus visitors), church and public use. OBUC designs include 115 stalls, meeting the upper range of the recommended number.                 OBUC Parking Study

Landscaping & Trees The majority of all trees should be retained on the property with measures taken to protect Garry Oaks and other notable species. See Plans. OBUC Landscape Arborist Report
Geotechnical The site has a largely rock substrate and is suitable for development. OBUC Geotechnical Report
Civil Adequate potable water supply is available. High-flow requirements for fire suppression exceed emergency capacity of the nearby services, so stringent fire wall designs in the building have been included to mitigate fire standards.

Stormwater management is addressed by measures included in the building and landscape design to address peak flows.

Sewer capacity is adequate to allow for discharge however, deferred maintenance and downstream capacity issues unrelated to the project mean that a contribution is proposed to help the community undertake repairs and improvements. This is not a Bylaw requirement. OBUC Civil Report

Other engineering The full assessment of electrical, mechanical and other consulting studies will happen as the design progresses following Council approval. Assessment work undertaken to date has identified no issues or concerns. OBUC Mechanical report OBUC Electrical report