Responses from 182 Open House exit surveys (April 2018)  and May 2018 independent telephone opinion poll survey (randomly selected Oak Bay residents with 410 respondents) revealed:

Open House survey (tracked by postal codes):

  • 96% support affordable housing in Oak Bay;
  • 69% liked the design;
  • 71% felt it was a suitable multi-unit design;
  • 67% felt the traffic and parking had been sufficiently addressed;
  • 63% considered the design proposal suitable for the neighbourhood;
  • 75% felt the design addressed privacy issues;
  • 97% found the Open House informative

Random Oak Bay Community phone poll (410 respondents):

  • 84.6% agreed or were neutral that affordable housing is needed in Oak Bay.
  • 80.9% support or were neutral to Council implementing the OCP’s mandate to approve affordable housing.
  • 71.9% agreed or were neutral that the church’s project is aligned with affordable housing delivery.
  • 75.7% support or were neutral to the church’s project.

Read the full OBUC Public Opinion Survey Results.